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Air Conditioner Crane Service

Removing and installing air conditioner units for commercial and residential 

Crane Service for HVAC Contractors and Homeowners in southern california

HVAC Crane Services

Do you need an air conditioner unit lifted onto your home or office building’s roof? Then look no further than A-LINE Crane Rental to help you land your HVAC unit gently and safely!

At A-LINE Cranes we have been lifting air conditioner units for residential and commercial clients for 25 years. All of our crane operators are licensed and NCCCO certified, so you can rest assured that your HVAC lift will be performed safely and accurately. We strive to be punctual in our arrival and use only state of the art cranes with ranges of 3 tons to 100 tons.


Boom truck lifting a large air conditioner for an HVAC contractor during a nice sunset
HVAC Contractors overlooking a crane preparing to lift air conditioner to roof

Boom trucks for HVAC Contractors

If you’re an HVAC contractor tasked with installing or removing bulky commercial AC units, reach out to A-Line Crane. The boom truck, with its compact design, versatility, and roadworthiness, is typically our top recommendation for HVAC operations. It’s ideal not just for installations but also for removing old units.

Before starting your project, it’s crucial to have the right equipment. We encourage you to discuss your project’s specifics with our seasoned crane experts to ensure you select the best crane for your needs. Our goal is to set you up for success, avoiding any mismatches that could impact your project’s efficiency. Whatever your project entails, we’re here to assist in finding the crane that meets your requirements. 

The Best Crane for The Job

Experienced HVAC contractors understand the challenge of moving heavy items like air conditioning units and pipes, which are too cumbersome to be managed by manpower alone. This necessitates the use of robust machinery to ensure the job is done efficiently. That’s why we advise commercial HVAC contractors to consider crane rentals for large-scale projects. At A-Line Crane, we’ve collaborated with clients across various sectors, including numerous HVAC contractors, providing us with the expertise to recommend the most suitable crane types for different projects.

What Type of Crane is Best for HVAC Projects?

For HVAC tasks, a boom truck crane often fits the bill perfectly. This crane, mounted on a truck, offers the convenience of easy mobility across sites. Unlike other cranes that might need additional transport arrangements, a boom truck is self-sufficient, making it an ideal choice for the typical conditions of HVAC project sites, which usually feature even terrain.

A boom truck simplifies the process significantly, requiring minimal rigging so you can commence work promptly upon arrival at the site. Given that most HVAC contractors might not be familiar with complex setup processes, the boom truck’s straightforward operation is a major plus. Its versatility is another key advantage, capable of lifting heavy materials to high-rise locations and, if necessary, hoisting personnel to hard-to-reach installation points.

At A-Line Crane, our fleet includes several Hydraulic cranes and boom trucks with capacities up to 100 tons, ample for the demands of HVAC materials.


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