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Burbank Crane Services

Crane Rental in Burbank California

Choose the highest rated Crane company on Yelp in Burbank.

In Burbank, California, A-Line Crane stands out as a reliable and experienced crane rental company. For decades, we have been the trusted choice for both light-duty and heavy-duty lifting projects. Our commitment to helping you save time and money is unwavering, matched only by our dedication to providing high-quality crane services. We are proud to be the highest-rated crane rental company on Yelp in Burbank.

Top-Notch Crane Safety and Efficiency

At A-Line Crane, safety and efficiency are not just priorities; they are our promise. Our fleet,
featuring truck-mounted hydraulic cranes and boom trucks, is equipped to handle loads from
3 to 100 tons. This versatility ensures we can meet a wide array of lifting requirements anywhere in Los Angeles.
Coupled with our team of CCO-certified crane operators, each possessing extensive
experience, we guarantee successful completion of your project, no matter the complexity.

Burbank Crane Services:

Being versatile in our operations, we efficiently undertake the moving, lifting of the following:


Specialized Crane and Boom Truck Services in Burbank

Burbank Movie Magic: A-Line Crane's Role in Film Productions

A-Line Crane plays a pivotal role in the movie industry, providing specialized crane services for film and television productions in Burbank. Our cranes are instrumental in creating dynamic and complex shots, enabling the movement of large set pieces, and assisting in the construction and dismantling of elaborate sets. A-Line’s expertise in handling delicate and expensive equipment ensures that film projects proceed smoothly, safely, and efficiently, making them a go-to partner for filmmakers seeking reliable and professional crane and boom truck services.

Cranes and Boom Trucks for HVAC Unit Lifts in Burbank, CA

A-Line Crane has been working closely with heating and air conditioning contractors in Burbank for the past few decades. We understand the challenges involved in the removal and placement of HVAC units. Our team will assess your specific requirements and determine the most suitable crane for the task. We have experience in lifting and moving HVAC units from various locations, including side yards, rooftops, backyards, and even over houses. Contact
us today to ensure a seamless and efficient HVAC unit lift.

Remodeling Crane Service in Burbank, CA

If you’re planning to add a hot tub, swim spa, gazebo, Jacuzzi, barbecue, or large sculpture to your property in Burbank, you may require the assistance of a crane rental company. A-Line Crane specializes in providing one-time, short-term crane lifts for remodeling projects. We collaborate with remodeling contractors, business owners, property managers, and homeowners to identify the ideal crane for each unique situation. Our goal is to ensure the safe and effective completion of your project. Get in touch with us today for a personalized quote.

We Provide Cranes for Building Material Lifts at Burbank Construction sites

Choosing the right crane is crucial, especially for construction projects. At A-Line Crane, we guide you in selecting the ideal crane for moving roofing materials, solar panels, cinder blocks, concrete, lumber, metal trusses, or wood beams, and more. We’re here to ensure your building materials are moved quickly and efficiently.

Heavy Machinery Lifts with Precision in Burbank, Ca

A-Line Crane is equipped to handle heavy machinery lifts of all sizes and shapes. Whether you need to relocate printing presses, large appliances, medical equipment, or manufacturing machinery, we have you covered. Our crane services are CCO-certified and competitively priced. We prioritize safety and efficiency to deliver exceptional results. Reach out to us today to reserve your high-quality crane service.

Efficient Mobile Crane Rentals for Shipping Container Lifting

Our mobile crane rentals are perfect for shipping container lifting and transportation. We provide expert guidance on crane and trailer selection to handle restacking and long-distance transportation of containers.
crane working on a freeway project

Expert Crane Services for Burbank Utilities-Related Jobs

As a full-service crane and operator company, A-Line Crane specializes in providing expert lifts for the water and power industry. We understand the unique challenges associated with lifting and transporting items such as light poles, street lights, utility vaults, emergency generators, large pipes, and water tanks. Our experienced team is available 24/7 to support your utility-related projects promptly and efficiently.

In addition to our comprehensive crane services, we offer the option of utilizing a crane or boom truck equipped with a one- or two-person man basket for utility service jobs. This ensures that your personnel can safely access elevated work areas when needed. Contact us today to discuss your utility-related lifting requirements.

Looking for a crane to lift a large propane tank in Burbank, CA?

A-Line Crane provides essential services for the safe and efficient movement of large propane tanks, a task requiring precision and expertise. our advanced cranes, operated by skilled professionals, ensure the secure lifting and transport of these tanks, which are critical for various industrial and residential applications. A-Line’s commitment to safety and efficiency is paramount, especially given the sensitive nature of handling propane tanks, making them a trusted choice for businesses and communities in need of such specialized lifting services.

Landscaping Crane in Burbank, CA

A-Line Crane has extensive experience working with landscapers who require reliable and efficient crane services on short notice in Burbank. We understand the unique challenges involved in lifting and transporting trees, including pine trees and palm trees. Our state-of-the-art cranes and boom trucks are equipped to handle the lifting and moving of various landscaping elements, such as fountains, boulders, and statues.

Our team of experts will carefully assess your specific needs to determine the most appropriate crane for your landscaping project. We prioritize cost-effectiveness and ensure that you only pay for the services required. Trust A-Line Crane to provide the reliable and precise crane services necessary to bring your landscaping vision to life.

Choose A-Line Crane for Reliable Crane Services in Burbank

For all your crane rental needs in Burbank, trust A-Line Crane. We offer affordable rates, a wide selection of cranes, and highly skilled operators. We accept various payment methods and offer credit accounts to eligible clients. Contact A-Line Crane for a trusted partnership in your next lifting project.

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Aline crane rental in burbank, ca

Known as the media capital, Burbank’s allure extends beyond its famous studios and the Starlight Bowl to A-Line Crane. Our collaborations here have helped us forge strong bonds with local residents and businesses, relying on us for their crane rental needs. We eagerly anticipate continuing to support the vibrant community of Burbank.