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Los Angeles Crane Rental Services

Crane Rental and Rigging in Los Angeles

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Providing Crane services in los angeles for over 25 years

In Los Angeles, A-Line Crane stands as a beacon of quality and reliability in crane hire and operator services. With decades of experience, we offer a comprehensive range of equipment, including Boom Trucks, Hydraulic Mobile Cranes, and man baskets ranging from 3-100 tons. Our CCO-certified operators excel in both light and heavy-duty lifting tasks, ensuring your project’s success. Some of the things we’ve lifted in the past include:

Affordable Crane Rentals for Lifting Building & Construction Materials in Los Angeles, CA

Selecting the right crane for your construction project in Los Angeles is critical to managing your crane-related expenses. Choosing an unfit crane can lead to inefficiency, safety risks, and unnecessary costs. At A-Line Crane, we ensure that you get the perfect crane for your needs, helping you avoid costly mistakes and accidents.

Our extensive work with contractors in the construction industry spans a variety of lifting and hauling needs, including:
Each crane rental comes with a highly skilled operator responsible for ensuring your items are transported safely, quickly, and economically to their intended destination. 
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Extensive Crane Rental Experience in Los Angeles

Diverse Fleet of Mobile Cranes for Lifting Boulders, Trees & More in Los Angeles, California

Landscapers in Los Angeles often turn to our services when they need a reliable crane to move items such as trees, boulders, rocks, fountains, sculptures, or other heavy objects. Our responsive team is available day and night to answer any questions you may have ensuring you receive the correct crane or boom truck for your landscaping project. Contact us today to get a free quote.

NCCCO Certified Crane Operators and Skilled riggers in Los Angeles, CA

As soon as you call us, our team will start gathering information to help select the most cost-effective and successful crane for your job. We consider various factors such as terrain, ground condition, load weight, moving distance, and rigging equipment needed. After obtaining a comprehensive understanding of your needs, we will reliably choose the optimal crane. Additionally, we also manage all permit requests, insurance certificates, and adhere to all OSHA regulations.

At the agreed time, our crane operator will expertly navigate onto your Los Angeles worksite, balancing the crane or boom truck at the most stable and accessible location. All assemblies will be completed promptly, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Cranes for Air Conditioner Lifts in Los Angeles, California

Working alongside HVAC contractors in Los Angeles, A-Line Crane provides expert help in lifting commercial or large residential air conditioning units. Whether you need to schedule a crane rental well in advance or require last-minute assistance, we can accommodate all your needs. Just provide us with the dimensions and weight of the unit to be moved, and we’ll reserve the best crane for the job at the lowest possible cost.

Residential Crane Services in Los Angeles, CA

Planning to remodel the outdoor space of your Los Angeles home or business? A-Line Crane has got you covered. We specialize in moving outdoor structures like gazebos, spas, sheds, sculptures, hot tubs, swim spas, and barbecue islands, among others. Over the past three decades, we’ve efficiently and affordably relocated outdoor furniture, equipment, and various structures. Contact us today for a quote.

Mobile Hydraulic Cranes for Large and/or Heavy Machinery in Los Angeles, CA

A-Line Crane has a long-standing reputation for safely moving heavy equipment and machinery. Our expertise extends to lifting and transporting large appliances, printing presses, manufacturing machinery, medical equipment, generators, and more. No matter the size or shape, we can lift it. Book our top-quality crane services today.

Need a crane to lift Crates & Shipping Containers in Los Angeles?

When you need to lift shipping containers in Los Angeles, choose A-Line Crane. We deploy robust cranes capable of handling both single and multiple shipping containers with ease and precision. Our approach begins with a thorough consultation; our team engages with you to ask the right questions, ensuring we accurately assess your specific requirements. This detailed evaluation covers aspects such as the weight and dimensions of the containers, the lift distance, site accessibility, and any potential obstacles that might affect the operation.

A-Line Crane: Elevating Los Angeles' Film Industry

In Los Angeles, A-Line Crane is a key player in the film and television industry. Our specialized crane services are crucial for dynamic cinematography, managing large set pieces, and set construction and dismantling in Los Angeles. With a knack for handling sensitive and costly equipment, A-Line ensures smooth, safe, and efficient progress in film projects. Their professional and reliable crane services make them a favored choice for filmmakers in Los Angeles.

Choose A-Line Crane for Your Next Project

In Los Angeles, A-Line Crane is synonymous with excellence in crane hire. Contact us for an honest estimate and experience our commitment to safety, precision, and customer satisfaction. Our extensive crane fleet and experienced operators are ready to assist with your lifting needs, big or small.

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Aline crane service in los angeles, ca

A-Line Crane Services is your premier partner for crane and lifting operations across the vibrant landscape of Los Angeles County, serving key cities with unparalleled expertise and commitment. In Burbank, the media capital of the world, we support projects from the studios to the bustling downtown area, ensuring the city’s entertainment legacy continues to thrive. Our reach extends to Carson, where we contribute to the industrial and commercial growth near landmarks like the Dignity Health Sports Park. In Arcadia, we enhance the city’s charm by aiding in developments around the Santa Anita Park, a cornerstone of California’s horse racing. Hollywood’s iconic entertainment scene, from the historic studios to the Walk of Fame, benefits from our specialized crane services, ensuring the spotlight shines brightly on this global cultural icon. Down in Long Beach, our cranes play a crucial role in the city’s dynamic port, one of the world’s largest shipping ports, as well as supporting urban development along the scenic waterfront. A-Line Crane Services is dedicated to advancing the architectural and industrial landscape of Los Angeles County’s diverse cities, making us the trusted choice for lifting and crane services in Southern California’s most iconic locations.