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Upland Crane Rental Service

Crane and rigging company in upland, CA

For decades, A-Line Crane has been the go-to source for top-tier crane rental services in Upland. With an impressive track record that includes three decades of industry experience and thousands of successful lifts, we are the ultimate mobile crane specialists in the region. Our service offerings extend beyond just crane rentals, we also excel in providing world-class crane operation services and a premium selection of heavy- and light-duty cranes, trucks, and trailers. Our ready-to-serve approach ensures we are available 24/7, with the right resources to tackle any crane-related task.

Top-Notch Crane Safety and Efficiency in upland, cA

At A-Line Crane, safety and efficiency are not just priorities; they are our promise. Our fleet, featuring truck-mounted hydraulic cranes and boom trucks, is equipped to handle loads from 3 to 100 tons. This versatility ensures we can meet a wide array of lifting requirements. Coupled with our team of CCO-certified crane operators, each possessing extensive experience, we guarantee successful completion of your project, no matter the complexity.

Our Versatile Crane Services - Lifting an Array of Items in Upland, CA

We’ve lifted a wide variety of items in the past, the following provides a snapshot:
Crane lifting man in man basket to change sign on a building

Our Superior Fleet Ready to Serve Any Industry in Upland

Thanks to our diverse fleet that includes light-duty boom trucks, heavy-duty boom trucks, high capacity trucks, trailers, and hydraulic mobile cranes, we can address the lifting needs of almost every industry in Upland. We are equipped to handle loads ranging from 3 to 100 tons.

Our equipment is regularly inspected and maintained by our experts, ensuring we are ready for any lifting task in Upland, even on short notice.

Experienced and Certified Upland Crane Operators

In our efforts to provide excellent service to our clients in Upland, we offer a team of NCCCO-certified crane operators with many years’ hands-on experience in driving cranes, working with riggers, and lifting a diverse range of items.

A-Line Crane - Your Trusted Partner for Exceptional Upland Crane Services at Competitive Rates

We don’t just provide a crane, but a holistic solution tailored to your specific needs. Our precise calculations and thorough considerations ensure you receive a crane that is perfectly suited to your task. We value your time and money and strive to provide Upland’s best value for crane rentals.

Unmatched Landscaping crane Services in Upland, California

Our experience extends to providing crucial lifting support for landscapers in Upland. We’re capable of moving a vast range of landscaping objects, from boulders and trees to fountains, swiftly and safely.

Expert cranes for Large Outdoor Items in Upland, CA

A-Line Crane has been the trusted choice for homeowners and remodeling contractors needing to lift and place large outdoor items during remodeling projects. Our expertise extends to spas, hot tubs, gazebos, sculptures, sheds, and muchmore. We also offer transport services for these items.
Crane lifting construction materials onto 10 story building.

Efficient Mobile Crane Rentals for Construction Projects in Upland, California

At A-Line Crane, we appreciate the significance of choosing the right crane for your lift. Our expert team spends time understanding your needs and suggests the most suitable crane that won’t slow your project or inflate your budget. We’ve been supporting the construction industry for three decades and have honed our skills in managing any lifting or hauling needs.

Our cranes efficiently lift a wide range of construction materials such as:

Specialized Services for Lifting Shipping Containers in Upland

A-Line Crane is the preferred choice for lifting shipping containers, railroad cars, or large crates in Upland. Our heavy-duty mobile cranes and trucks with trailers are equipped to transport shipping containers safely and efficiently within Southern California.

Trusted for Moving Heavy Machinery in Upland, California

For over three decades, we have been trusted with moving heavy machinery and equipment in Upland. We’ve safely lifted and transported large appliances, printing presses, manufacturing machinery, medical equipment, and more.

Cranes for Moving HVAC Units in Upland

Working with HVAC contractors across Southern California, we have extensive experience in installing and removing heating and air conditioning units in Upland.

A-Line Crane - Your Go-To Crane Rental Service in Upland, California

A-Line Crane prides itself on always choosing the right lifting equipment for your job the first time, every time. We offer affordable rates, an extensive selection of cranes, and expert crane operators. We accept cash, and checks, and offer credit accounts for those who qualify.

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