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Hydraulic boom truck rental for a spa lift or removal

For complicated hot tub installations oftentimes a crane is the only way to get your spa in or out of the place that its in. With a NCCCO certified and licensed crane operator from A-line cranes you can lift a spa/hot tub onto a balcony, rooftop, over fences, houses and garages. Lifting a spa is easy work for A-line compared to the complex and heavy lifts that we’ve performed over the last 3 decades! The cost of the lift can vary and depends greatly on the size and weight of the spa, the distance we will need to place it, if there are any road closures necessary, and the types of obstacles and obstructions that may block our way to place or remove your spa. If we will need to obstruct the public right of way. Have no fear, we can help. Call now to speak to Raf now!

We can install or remove spas for residential or commercial customers including hotels, spas, apartment complexes, hotels and of course private homes. If you need a crane to lift a barbeque or other feature we can do that too!

Crane lifting jacuzzi over home

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Call or Text Raf 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to discuss your spa lift project at (714)
261-3536. Raf is an expert in the field and will be able to answer any questions you might have about your project. Based on the initial discussion we will then determine the best crane suited for your spa/hot tub removal or installation project, ensuring you get exactly what is needed to perform your lift safely and efficiently.
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